FEBRUARY 26 2021



With his distinctive style and powerhouse pop vision, London-based Cypriot singer Adam Prince King has splashed on to the scene with unapologetic impact, delivering sonic and visual delights that dovetail with his avant-garde creativity. HIS artistic anthology  continues with the release of his second EP ‘Music Man’ on Little Assembly.


80s infused pop-anthem ‘Saskia’ is joined by 2 new tracks and 2 striking music videos that fully introduce Adam’s free spirited pop vision.

Title track and lead single ‘Music Man’ is a metaphorical and soul-baring lyrical hymn that shines with retro synths, vibrant beats and Adam’s distinctively deep diving vocal performance. 

All tracks produced by Adam Prince King and mastered at Abbey Road Studios.



"contagiously delicious...a confection of pure elegance. HUFFPOST


"King has a way with the simplest of words, playing with rhyme and rhythm to intoxicate you with hypnotic ease." the line of best fit


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